“Asteroid Gamers” studio – main

“Asteroid Gamers” game development studio


Founded in 2014.

The main activity — development of small 2D HTML5 игр. The special attention is paid to ensure possibility to play in the browser from any device — PC, the smartphone or  tablet.
We work on contract, and we grant the rights for licensing of already existing games.

Also we can help with rapid development of your game prototype.

Preferable model of work — b2b, but we are glad to cooperate with any solvent interested person.

Licensing of HTML5  games

All games listed on the website are available to “white label”  distribution, branding, localization, a reskinning, etc.

Full cross-platform compartibility.

Our mobile HTML5 game are optimized for iPhone, iPad, and the Android devices. Also it is possible to play them from web browsers of PC – from any device, at any time!

We pay special attention to ensuring cross-platform functionality.


Team members:


Andrey Gridnev  – founder. Programming, game design.
Moscow, Russia

Vlad Slepchenko – co-operate work. Art, game design.
Kiev, Ukraine

Matthew Moss –  co-operate work. Art, level-design, game-design
Tokyo, Japan

Mark Braga — freelance. Music, sound effects
Krasnoyarsk, Russia